Simple plotting of spectral responsesΒΆ

Plot VIIRS spectral responses (detector 1 only) for band M10 on JPSS-1 and Suomi-NPP:

python -p NOAA-20 Suomi-NPP -s viirs -b M10

Plot relative spectral responses for the spectral channel closest to the 10.8 \mu m for several platforms and sensors:

python --platform_name Himawari-8 GOES-16 Meteosat-10 EOS-Aqua Sentinel-3A Suomi-NPP NOAA-20 --sensor ahi abi seviri modis olci slstr viirs --wavelength 10.8

Some sensor bands are quite close, and that requires the search for bands in the spectral range to use rather small wavelengths increments. Therefore you might experience the plotting to a bit slow on default. Here an example with MERSI-2 on FY-3D:

python bin/ -p FY-3D -s mersi-2 -r 0.4 0.7 -t 0.05

It is possible to specify a different wavelength resolution/increments by using a flag. However, when you do that it might affect how pyspectral identify bands. If the resolution is too coarse several close bands may be considered one and the same. In the below case it is probably not a good idea to lower the resolution as one can see (several MESI-2 bands are now missing):

python bin/ -p FY-3D -s mersi-2 -r 0.4 0.7 -t 0.05 --wavelength_resolution 0.05