Welcome to Pyspectral’s documentation!


Given a passive sensor on a meteorological satellite PySpectral provides the relative spectral response (rsr) function(s) and offers some basic operations like convolution with the solar spectrum to derive the in band solar flux for instance. The focus is imaging sensors like AVHRR, VIIRS, MODIS, ABI, AHI and SEVIRI. But more sensors are included and if others are needed they can be easily added. With PySpectral it is possible to derive the reflective and emissive parts of the signal observed in any NIR band around 3-4 microns where both passive terrestrial emission and solar backscatter mix the information received by the satellite. Furthermore PySpectral allows correcting true color imagery for background (climatological) Rayleigh scattering and aerosol absorption.

The source code can be found on the github page.

With PySpectral and SatPy (or previously mpop) it is possible to make RGB colour composites like the SEVIRI day solar or the day microphysical RGB composites according to the MSG Interpretation Guide (EUMETSAT). Also with SatPy integration it is possible to make atmosphere corrected true color imagery.

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