Satellite sensors supported

Below we list the satellite sensors for which the relative spectral responses have been included in Pyspectral.

Satellite sensors supported
Satellite sensor Filename Link to the original RSR
Meteosat-8 seviri rsr_seviri_Meteosat-8.h5 GSICS
Meteosat-9 seviri rsr_seviri_Meteosat-9.h5 GSICS
Meteosat-10 seviri rsr_seviri_Meteosat-10.h5 GSICS
Meteosat-11 seviri rsr_seviri_Meteosat-11.h5 GSICS
GOES-16 abi rsr_abi_GOES-16.h5 GOES-R
GOES-17 abi rsr_abi_GOES-17.h5 GOES-S
GOES-18 abi rsr_abi_GOES-18.h5 GOES-T
GOES-19 abi rsr_abi_GOES-19.h5 GOES-U
Himawari-8 ahi rsr_ahi_Himawari-8.h5 JMA
Himawari-9 ahi rsr_ahi_Himawari-9.h5 JMA
GEO-KOMPSAT-2A ami rsr_ami_GEO-KOMPSAT-2A.h5 NWPSAF-GeoKompsat-2A-ami
FY-4A agri rsr_agri_FY-4A.h5 NSMC-fy4a
Envisat aatsr rsr_aatsr_Envisat.h5 ESA-Envisat
TIROS-N to NOAA-19 avhrr e.g. rsr_avhrr3_NOAA-19.h5 GSICS
Metop-A avhrr/3 rsr_avhrr3_Metop-A.h5 GSICS
Metop-B avhrr/3 rsr_avhrr3_Metop-B.h5 GSICS
Metop-C avhrr rsr_avhrr3_Metop-C.h5 GSICS (Acquired via personal contact)
EOS-Terra modis rsr_modis_EOS-Terra.h5 GSICS
EOS-Aqua modis rsr_modis_EOS-Aqua.h5 GSICS
Sentinel-3A slstr rsr_slstr_Sentinel-3A.h5 ESA-Sentinel-SLSTR
Sentinel-3B slstr rsr_slstr_Sentinel-3B.h5 ESA-Sentinel-SLSTR
Sentinel-3A olci rsr_olci_Sentinel-3A.h5 ESA-Sentinel-OLCI
Sentinel-3B olci rsr_olci_Sentinel-3B.h5 ESA-Sentinel-OLCI
Sentinel-2A msi rsr_msi_Sentinel-2A.h5 ESA-Sentinel-MSI
Sentinel-2B msi rsr_msi_Sentinel-2B.h5 ESA-Sentinel-MSI
NOAA-20 viirs rsr_viirs_NOAA-20.h5 NESDIS
Suomi-NPP viirs rsr_viirs_Suomi-NPP.h5 GSICS
Landsat-8 oli rsr_oli_Landsat-8.h5 NASA-Landsat-OLI
FY-3D mersi-2 rsr_mersi-2_FY-3D.h5 CMA (Acquired via personal contact)
HY-1C cocts rsr_cocts_HY-1C.h5 (Acquired via personal contact)
Metop-SG-A1 MetImage rsr_metimage_Metop-SG-A1.h5 NWPSAF-MetImage
Meteosat-12 fci rsr_fci_Meteosat-12.h5 NWPSAF-Meteosat-12-fci
MTG-I1 fci (NB! Identical to Meteosat-12 fci) rsr_fci_MTG-I1.h5 NWPSAF-Meteosat-12-fci